Visiting The Unsung Glory With Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan is the largest state in India, and it makes complete use of its enormity by ensconcing within it some o the most unique attractions that bring tourists in droves. Not one tourist returns home less than delighted, since Rajasthan houses some of the most removed experiences in India. This is one of the reasons why Rajasthan Tour Packages make the most viable, enjoyable holiday experiences.

There are several components within holidays in Rajasthan. Every element of Rajasthan has plenty to offer, and this is why Rajasthan is best enjoyed in leisure. Here are just some of its many indulgences.

Palace Tours: The palaces of Rajasthan have gained fame over the world today. They are among the most lavish, exquisite depictions of the life of the royals. Rajasthan has been witness to some of the greatest dynasties and rulers in history, and this is abundantly evident in the generous palaces and forts which can be easily found in almost every town you visit. Each palace is more grand than the other, making this tour a rare treat. Among the most famous palaces in Rajasthan are the Rambagh Palace, Lake Palace, Shiv Niwas Palace and Fateh Sagar Palace. The tours of the palaces reveal the most tasteful interiors which spare no expense, be it in the elaborate living rooms or the stylish bedrooms. Subtle hues and quiet opulence is the style of the palaces of Rajasthan.

Camel Safari: Given that Rajasthan is covered significantly by desert land, its relevance is immense. The focus on the desert and its activity is apparent in the numerous camels that amble through the cities, and also in the lifestyle which is modified around it. When in the desert or on the periphery, make sure you allow yourself the chance to have a camel safari, which gives you the unique opportunity to wade through the dunes and along the sands. The Camel Fair in Pushkar should not be given a miss. The best places to take in camel rides are Jodhpur and Bikaner.

Wildlife: Several wildlife sanctuaries and parks are the breeding grounds and homes to some of the rarest species. The extraordinary experiences in the wild of Rajasthan include the comforts of resorts along the borders of the sanctuary. These may look modest on the outside, but they pack in every conceivable element of luxury with plush interiors and superb service. The main parks of Rajasthan are Ranthambore, Kumbhalgarh and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

Cultural Tours: Rajasthan has nurtured some of the most interesting traditions which translate into rich experiences. The song and dance is merry and implores you to join in, while their puppetry and handicrafts are beyond compare. Their values manifest as the best service and superlative hospitality. Every region has its own cultural specialty, and you must make sure you take in as much as you can.

This is just to get you started. As you get through Rajasthan you will discover plenty of new, individual experiences which you feel have been served exclusively for you. And they have, because Rajasthan is the one place where every guest is the king.