The Busy Lake District

Lake District attractions are hugely available in this Cumbrian county. From cycling – The Lake District was made for cycling, with challenging off road mountain biking routes to gentle country lanes there is something for everybody

Dramatic Mountain biking over Lake District peaks and rolling valley trails can entice families and committed bikers alike. Walking – The Lake District and Cumbria is the country’s biggest adventure playground and it’s breathtaking.

With England’s five tallest mountains and the deepest and largest lakes, Cumbria’s rich natural environment is simply unique. Being able to explore the great outdoors and discover some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery, whether a seasoned adventurer or wanting to learn the ropes from a qualified guide, there are activities to suit everyone.

All activities available for the sports enthusiast, and not forgetting the lovely Lake itself, the main attraction being the Lake. Stunning views and great food the Lake District things to do is jam packed with fun and exciting activities for all. Enjoying a good book by the Lake side, taking a stroll in Cumbria’s many types of woodland, followed by a sumptuous meal at one of Cumbria’s fantastic eateries. Our fair country is fast becoming known as one the world’s best culinary delights, with our chefs being able to compete with the world’s best, and not forgetting that some of the world’s best chefs are from the United Kingdom. The inspiration needed to produce such culinary delights is readily available by the breath taking views so freely accepted by virtually any window in Cumbria.

Travelling around Cumbria, the Lake District is not an easy choice to make, the original way is walk around and the many benefits of this is not only the exercise, you indeed make sure you don’t miss a thing, being able to walk around you are able to investigate things closer and at your own pace. Cycling through allows you to reach points faster than on foot, again being able to stop at a pleasant point and take in the views.

There’s always the bus, Cumbria provides open top busses so you can take in the views while getting to your destination a bit faster than on foot! And not forgetting the spectacular steam trains, how you get there to see them is your choice but the steam trains will get you to another spot of beauty that would otherwise remain undiscovered on your journey by foot or cycle. So whichever form of transport you choose, car, boat, train, bus, cycle or walk your certain not to miss the beauty the Lake District has to offer. There are steam trains available to ride on and to look at near Newby Bridge, a great day out for the kids, with the weather going as well as it has Cumbria has many attractions available for all tastes, and with this glorious weather we need to get out and enjoy it and where better to go than the Lake District. With the sun beaming on the Lake adding that extra light to things we would normally miss out on viewing. This truly is a gem of a place within the United Kingdom that we need to treasure.