Avoid Travel With Aeromexico

Hello Everybody,

Avoid Traveling with Aeromexico, they don’t keep their word.

Just returned from my annual trip to Europe, everything was great and as I do enjoy traveling, however its difficult for anybody the experience of taking several flights for several hours to get from Puerto Vallarta to Lyon France but that’s the way it is. All of my departures flight were great and on time, however 1 of the return flights (the last one) from Mexico city to Puerto Vallarta was not what I will wish for anyone to experience after traveling for 15 to 20 hours.

And here it’s the Story, I arrived from Europe in British Airways Sept 4th 2010 on time and was a good experience then we took a flight from Mexico City to PV living on time at 9.30 pm Flight #192 AEROMEXICO and about 15 minutes of landing the crew and captain told us that we cannot land in Puerto Vallarta due the weather conditions (Understandable) and we will have to go to Guadalajara. Then now we are in Guadalajara waiting inside the plane with no news from the crew for over an hour, then after 1 hour they told us that if anybody from the plane will want to get off in Guadalajara it’s OK with them but we will have to cover our Hotel and food expenses, or otherwise we will go back to Mexico City and Aero Mexico will provide the Hotel and 1 meal as other airlines do. We all agree to come back to Mexico City (About 40 people) and after 1 more hour the captain decided to go back to Mexico city. So we are now arriving in Mexico at 1:45 AM and my first thing to ask to the Aero Mexico airport staff as I got off the plane, was: Where is the Hotel that you are going to provide us and they said I am sorry we don’t know anything about Hotel or meal, so I gather some of the people traveling with me and we all went with the only 2 staff members of Aero Mexico to let them know why we decide to come back to Mexico city after 4 hours and not got off in GDL.

They politely said that, that is not their responsibility and will not provide us with Hotel or meal. So now we are all the plane travelers gather in the gate from where we came out waiting for the Captain and crew to ask them why he said that and his first response was I did not said that and laugh, so at this point some of the Travelers were getting really up sad and the captain called the Police on us.

We all decided to come down and focus on getting another flight from Aero Mexico for the day after, which took them over an hour to give us all the new boarding passes.

So by 3 am we had our boarding passes for the next morning at 8.30 am Flight #140 AEROMEXICO. Some of the Travelers decided to wait at the airport and some people and me went to Hotel International Airport witch charge us $950 pesos-night for 2 to 3 hours of sleep.

Some of the Travelers were so up sad that couldn’t even sleep, some of them said that they will sue Aero Mexico, some said that will go to PROFECO (Consumer protection office) and I said that I will write about them as I am doing it right now.

So if you are a Foreigner or Mexican and want to avoid a situation that we have, I will advise you to Try a different Airline, there are several options now in Mexico with very competitive and cheap prices, some of them are: INTERJET, VOLARIS, VIVAAEROBUS, etc.

If anybody will want to probe if this review its real, I have a Video that I took as we are all been told by police to come down or will be arrested, and I have Boarding pass receipt and Hotel INVOICE.


Ernesto F.