Purpose Of Railway Time Table

Indian tradition has always supported traveling by train and it is because of that the Indian Rail Tourism is known worldwide Indian railway is the largest railway system in the world by covering the entire country across length and breadth. Indian railways came into existence in the year 1853 since then it has come a long way and covered more than 6900 stations in India. To continue the charm of railways Indian railway has made it not only cheap but also very quick, user friendly and convenient for the travelers. One can get all information about online Train reservation services prevailing in India by using Indian rail time table.

Although in India air fare is very low because of many airline companies in the aviation industry still people prefer to travel train as it takes you unexplored sites of country side than any other mode of transportation available in India. With the help of online railway time table you can explore train routes, train schedule, PNR status, train departure and arrival timings and may other things with ease. With the help of Indian railway time table available on World Wide Web one doesn’t have to call enquiry offices to know about train timings or stand in long queues for inquiries. The railway time table answers to all your queries without investing in too much of your precious time. With you can get Indian railway timetable, current running information on current status of trains and general information about all the trains operated by Indian railways. Indian railways also prints railway time table booklet every year for the convenience of those traveler who do not find internet very friendly to themselves. As far as the railway reservation in India is concerned, there are a lot of options at one’s disposal especially for luxury rail tourism. You can buy on online train reservation system or go to any railway reservation booking and book the train of your choice by going though the railway time table offered by Indian railways.

So travel across India through the railways and discover its varied colors and vivacious culture. Travel through Indian states and cities and bring into focus the cultural and geographical richness of India. Whether you want adventurous tour, cultural exploration, beaches, scene, mountains India has it all. Indian railways has the prospective and magnetism to mesmerize all types of tourists with its comforts on your journey to explore India.

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Dubai Holidays – Popular Tourist Activities For a Memorable Experience

Dubai emerges out from a small fishing village to a big, modern megacity consisting of some of the most notable landmarks of the world. Tourists from around the globe are visiting the city for its outstanding landscape and wonderful monuments. Equally fascinating is the emergence of Dubai as a great shopping destination of the world. Some of the world’s biggest shopping malls are located here. Moreover, there are fabulous attractions attached to these malls making them truly unbeatable in any aspect. Further, the city still maintains its old marketplaces and neighborhoods which offer a great insight into the history and culture of the people living here.

A trip to the old part of the city will give you access to some of the best shopping areas of the city. You can buy here all kinds of food items and common household goods. Besides, the Gold Souk also attracts tourists for their cheapest gold offers in the world. There is indeed so much to see and explore on Dubai holidays that you may want to extend your vacation for a few days more. Fun attractions include a desert safari with a complimentary dinner and belly dancing performance. Beaches and theme parks such as Wild Wadi Parks are great for families and kids.

Popular Things to Do in Dubai

Some of the popular things to do in Dubai are as follows:


The Great City London

House Buckingham Palace the official residence of the Queen of United Kingdom and the palace is an impressive sight to behold and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. With over 820,000 square feet of the royal residence Buckingham Palace has several areas open to the public and can be reached by one of the most popular tours organized. Within walking distance of Buckingham Palace is the famous Big Bens most popular tourist attractions in the world. Standing at 316 feet high clock has been in operation since 31 May 1859 and remains one of, if not the most reliable watches in the world.

The City of London is one that is full of all the attractions imaginable. From world-renowned cultural restaurants in a number of popular gallery of modern art throughout the world capital of England is a place that is adored by both the people living there and the millions of tourists who visit each year. It can often cause great difficulties in trying to explain London to someone who has never been before. Museums, galleries, cafes and restaurants are the most famous tourist attractions in London should be the starting point for most. All visits to London for different reasons. Whether visiting popular tourist attractions, attended by the many museums the city has to offer basically or enjoy the cuisine from around the world from London to meet the needs of all visitors.

Although very popular the tower of large Ben itself is not open to the public. Mainly for safety reasons one of the main factors to choose the fact of the tower has an elevator which means a hike up 334 steps is necessary to reach the top. Is attached to large Ben is another famous tourist attraction in London the Houses of Parliament. Palace of Westminster the building is actually composed of several smaller buildings and is home to several offices and halls of parliament and the House of Commons and House of Lords.

The Houses of Parliament are a must on any itinerary of the visitors if not only for the fact that one has been in the same building where a quantity of the most important decisions in the United Kingdom are made. In front of the river the London Eye is high and is a great attraction to visit offering a complete 360 degree view across the city. Built for the millennium. Hence the original name of the Millennium Wheel the London Eye is located at 443 meters high and offers pilots the chance to be in one of the capsules of 25 persons capacity and complete a full rotation in about 30 minutes. Attracting over 3 million people each year the London Eye is now most visited paid tourist attraction in the whole of the United Kingdom.


Pamper Yourself or Someone You Love With a Spa Break

Pamper days and spa breaks may not seem like everyone’s idea of a perfect vacation, but the truth is that taking the time to pamper yourself and indulge in relaxation is essential to your mental and physical well-being. Pamper days do not have to be anything extravagant, and do not always include a luxury destination. They can be as simple as a massage, a manicure, or a facial treatment, and can leave you feeling invigorated and more energized and focused than ever before.

There are a number of travel packages out there that offer spa breaks and pamper day gifts, and if you are looking to get away for a few days or know someone who could really use a break, a weekend of pampering may be just what the doctor ordered. Most spa breaks include treatments like massage, beauty therapy, facials, waxing, exercise gyms, and saunas, and are the perfect way to ensure total relaxation during your time away from the office. ALthough spa breaks are not the typical family vacation, they can still be great for overworked moms who just need a break for a few days.

A number of employers now routinely offer spa breaks to some of their top-ranking employees in an effort to reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace. Pamper days and spa breaks can be a great way for anyone to unwind and regain focus after months of hard work and increased stress and pressure. Pamper days need not be luxurious or only for the wealthy, anyone can enjoy a spa break that ranges from something simple and relatively affordable to the ultimate in weekend relaxation.

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Goa India Al Paradise

Goa, if you see on the world map is a tiny speck on the western side of the humongous country which India is. Being one of the smallest states of the country, Goa lacks the length, breadth, size and scale which most other states in the country can boast of. This, though, disappears in the background once you set foot in the Al Paradiso of the country. A long lustful coastline draws you in it’s fold instaneously. For most of the tourists willing to explore the country, travel to India now religiously has a Goa itinerary chalked out. To add to it, travel agents and tour operators are shaping Goa Tour Packages in such a way that you can cover most of the state in 1-2 day itineraries.

Kick start your holiday in Goa with the capital city of Goa, Panaji (more commonly addressed as Panaji after a change in name). Panaji will showcase the history laden past of Goa, with it’s Portuguese structures in forms of churches and bylanes (Goa was a Portuguese colony till the early part of 1960s). Panaji has a laid back lifestyle like much of Goa and like a lazy but beauteous sloth raises it’s head once in a while to keep pace with the developments and assimilate them.

The next best thing to do while in Goa is to head to it’s pristine and angelic beaches. These beaches are the best treat for all kinds of tourists; whether you are one of the “laze and take a tan” sorts or you are the deep diver sorts, these beaches offer something for everybody. Head north to savour the best beaches of the country in the forms of Calangute, Baga and Anjuna. Every once in a while, you can also hear the shrill yells of hawkers near these beaches selling authentic Indian souvenirs in forms of artworks and accessories which you can gift to your friends and relatives when back home. Most of the beaches up North now have an organized touch to them and the management of these beaches makes sure you have a hassle free time.

There are also a huge number of yoga preaching establishments in Goa. Head to the ones near Anjuna beach in North Goa for they offer a soul transformation along with authentic Indian cuisine which is a surefire way to introspect and regain your lost energies. “Good things come in small packages”. This adage holds truth for a state like Goa where you have the most relaxing environment across the country. Make sure that the next time you travel to India; you make it a point to holiday in goa. Attractive goa tour packages from an assortment of travel agents make sure that your Goa tour is an enlightening experience for you; one that makes and changes perspectives, internally and externally.


Explore The Magical Lagoons Of The Maldives Island

The Maldives have a cluster of 1,192 islands out of, which 200 are inhabited. People living in Maldives belong to a mix culture, which includes Southeast Asians, Arabians and Africans. Maldivians are superstitious and at the same time religious too.

Maldives, an ideal holiday destination captivates travel lovers with its spectacular beauty. Whoever visits this pleasant island they come back over and over. The chain of the Maldives Island makes it a perfect honeymoon destination. The Maldives have an unending coastline where travelers can explore the coral reef and magical lagoons. Travelers can swim in the magnificent warm waters of the lagoons or scuba dive into the underwater of the reefs to explore the coves. Maldives is a place known for its numerous thrilling frivolous options.

The capital of Maldives, Male, is speckled with many places for tourists to explore such as clean parks and national Museum. The National Museum showcase cultural heritage of Maldives in a form of Sultanate thrones, sculptures and many other historical objects. Seenu AToll, a second city of Maldives is one of the foremost tourist places. Seenu ATollhas 23 islands where the travelers can discover the marine world. Among various other places in Maldives, tourist destination, Seenu Toll has a special attraction. Here, you will discover various exotic sea mammals such as lobsters, manta ray, green turtles and eagle ray.

Couples opting for Honeymoon in Maldives can visit Naifaru, a romantic island where they can adore the view of the blue sea, white silver beaches and the sand mountains. Located in seclusion away from the maddening crowd, honeymooners can spend quality time with one another. Maldives offers all the beautiful places that tourist would dream of being there. Thinadhoo is one such place, which is renowned for picturesque landscape. Also, referred as Emerald Island it is surrounded with greenery. It is an ultimate peaceful getaway for travelers.

Maldives beauty is also highlighted by its magnificent resorts and hotels. Visitors can choose to stay at villa, situated on a private island. The island is also a home to multitude of resorts, spas, restaurants and nightclubs. Maldives is a big name among travelers still it has resorts and hotels available in various ranges. They are classified based on the facilities and services offered by them. For instance in five star resort you can expect personalized service, designer furniture and gourmet food. Whereas mid-budget resorts are selected by the family to stay. The mid-budget resorts and hotels are although not a luxury one, but they make sure that the guest gets to stay in clean and comfortable living space. Low-budget accommodations include inns and bread & breakfast, such places are for frequent travelers.

If a traveler is finding it difficult to decide, which hotel to stay in, they can opt for a Maldives package from . They are reputed travel agency who deals in providing a holiday package for popular destination. They also take care of traveler’s accommodation needs and plan their stay at the best resort of the Maldives. So, do not waste your time, for Maldives honeymoon, book your package with immediatelyand experience the best time of your life.Maldives is known for hot and humid climate constant year-round. The best time to plan a trip to Maldives would be between January and April.


Visiting The Unsung Glory With Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan is the largest state in India, and it makes complete use of its enormity by ensconcing within it some o the most unique attractions that bring tourists in droves. Not one tourist returns home less than delighted, since Rajasthan houses some of the most removed experiences in India. This is one of the reasons why Rajasthan Tour Packages make the most viable, enjoyable holiday experiences.

There are several components within holidays in Rajasthan. Every element of Rajasthan has plenty to offer, and this is why Rajasthan is best enjoyed in leisure. Here are just some of its many indulgences.

Palace Tours: The palaces of Rajasthan have gained fame over the world today. They are among the most lavish, exquisite depictions of the life of the royals. Rajasthan has been witness to some of the greatest dynasties and rulers in history, and this is abundantly evident in the generous palaces and forts which can be easily found in almost every town you visit. Each palace is more grand than the other, making this tour a rare treat. Among the most famous palaces in Rajasthan are the Rambagh Palace, Lake Palace, Shiv Niwas Palace and Fateh Sagar Palace. The tours of the palaces reveal the most tasteful interiors which spare no expense, be it in the elaborate living rooms or the stylish bedrooms. Subtle hues and quiet opulence is the style of the palaces of Rajasthan.

Camel Safari: Given that Rajasthan is covered significantly by desert land, its relevance is immense. The focus on the desert and its activity is apparent in the numerous camels that amble through the cities, and also in the lifestyle which is modified around it. When in the desert or on the periphery, make sure you allow yourself the chance to have a camel safari, which gives you the unique opportunity to wade through the dunes and along the sands. The Camel Fair in Pushkar should not be given a miss. The best places to take in camel rides are Jodhpur and Bikaner.

Wildlife: Several wildlife sanctuaries and parks are the breeding grounds and homes to some of the rarest species. The extraordinary experiences in the wild of Rajasthan include the comforts of resorts along the borders of the sanctuary. These may look modest on the outside, but they pack in every conceivable element of luxury with plush interiors and superb service. The main parks of Rajasthan are Ranthambore, Kumbhalgarh and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

Cultural Tours: Rajasthan has nurtured some of the most interesting traditions which translate into rich experiences. The song and dance is merry and implores you to join in, while their puppetry and handicrafts are beyond compare. Their values manifest as the best service and superlative hospitality. Every region has its own cultural specialty, and you must make sure you take in as much as you can.

This is just to get you started. As you get through Rajasthan you will discover plenty of new, individual experiences which you feel have been served exclusively for you. And they have, because Rajasthan is the one place where every guest is the king.

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Important Places in Italy

One of the most culturally rich region globally has to be Italy. Italy would be the house of so quite a few good issues: Italian cuisine; art; style; architecture; and religion. In case you come and stop by Italy, you would in all probability acquired a headache when planning your itinerary; because there are basically so loads of places to travel to. In just about every district, there is a great spot to eat in. In each and every city or town, there is certainly a must-visit historical monument. In just about every corner, there is certainly a beautiful church produced by a fantastic Renaissance artist.

The capital of Italy is Rome, the residence with the Old Roman Empire. In Rome, in addition you will come across the home on the Pope with the Catholic Church, the Vatican. Here, you can see the Sistine Chapel, which shows the Last Judgment of Michelangelo on the ceiling. You can also visit the tombs with the old Popes, including the tomb of St. Peter, the very first Pope of the Catholic Church. For both Catholics and non-Catholics, this location can be a must-see.

If your factor is style, then the location being is Milan. Milan will be the funds of style and here, you can find all the top Italian designer houses, such as Valentino and Giorgio Armani. If your in Rome, then the best place to visit to for higher fashion is Via Veneto. Via Veneto is in addition exactly where the very best cafes are found.

If you would like top find additional fine art, then head to Florence. The Florence Cathedral is the eventual testament of fine art and architecture. Every little thing inside church is often a artwork; from the buttresses, towards fa�ade, towards dome and tower. Michelangelo’s David is in addition located in Florence.

If you would like to go to Italy and practical knowledge almost everything fully, reserved lots of time for your vacation.


More Cultural Reflections

I have spent the last week still sick from whatever bug I picked up in Vietnam.

I began my travel blogs with a post from the Korean airport about cultural differences. I don’t think anything could have better highlighted such differences than seeking medical help in Vietnam and Korea before returning home to the U.S.

On my last day in Vietnam, the concierge of my hotel in Hanoi directed me to a clinic down the street. When I got there, the door was locked, even though the sign in the window said “open” and I could clearly see someone sitting behind a desk inside. I knocked a few times and was about to give up when the figure inside stirred, then slowly made its way to the door to let me in. The door opened, and I stepped into a shabby but clean room with a desk piled with books, two chairs, and a cabinet stacked with drug samples. The doctor was a small woman wearing a labcoat and slippers embroidered with the logo of the Daewoo hotel (where I happened to be staying). She had clearly been sleeping.

She spoke little English, so we had difficulty communicating. But her eyes lit up when I said the word “stomach,” and she said, “Okay, okay, I help.” She opened a paperback volume on her desk and ran her finger down the page until stopping, reading something, and then slamming the book shut. She then dug through the pile of samples on the cabinet and eventually found two bubble packs of pills. I paid about $4 and left with two prescriptions that I had no idea how to take. I realized as I left that she hadn’t taken my temperature.

Later, in my hotel room, I looked up the names of the prescriptions online. Both packages were in French, so it took quite a while to find information on them in English. In the process, I realized one had already expired. Online searching revealed that both were widely regarded as placebos and could cause fairly severe side effects. I decided not to take them.

I hesitate to draw conclusions based on my experience at a single clinic, but I got the overwhelming impression while staying there that we were acting out a scene from a bad American medical drama. The props (labcoat, drugs, manuals), characters (doctor, patient), and language (“stomach”) were all present, but were only symbolic as linguistic and cultural barriers prevented a substantive exchange.

In a cab on the way to the airport several hours later, my Vietnamese host suggested that my illness was caused by an internal imbalance between yin and yang; constant travel, unusual sleep schedules, and being away from my husband had disrupted the harmony of my body and caused illness. He made a sharp, chopping motion on my neck and back to restore balance, recounting times he had used this massage to help other visitors to Vietnam suffering a similar affliction. (Most interestingly, he had given the same massage to Emily Morrison, the daughter of Norman Morrison, the Quaker who famously set himself ablaze beneath McNamara’s window at the Pentagon to protest the Vietnam war. During Emily’s first visit to Vietnam, she became quite ill at Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, but her symptoms were eased by the same massage I was receiving.)

This massage seemed no less plausible a treatment than expired French placebos, and I gladly submitted to my host’s almost painful chopping at my back and neck. I suppose I was hopeful not only that my queasiness would subside, but that I would also witness some sort of triumph of traditional Vietnamese medical practices over a Vietnamese attempt to mimic American medicine (as I thought I’d seen in the clinic). I confess I’ve become a little skeptical about American medicine lately, particularly its propensity to medicate every conceivable condition – for example, this weekend I saw a commercial for a drug to help “restless leg syndrome.”

However, by the time I landed in Seoul, I was feeling terrible. The Seoul airport has a hospital in its basement, and an airport employee kindly wrote for me in Korean on a scrap of paper, “I want to go to the hospital.” I showed this paper to every official I encountered on my way to the hospital – which, it turns out, required leaving the airport altogether – and it seemed to convince customs, passport control, and airport security that I required no special scrutiny. Once in the hospital, my experience was remarkably similar to that in Vietnam, despite the significantly more sterile environment. Once again, I was given two prescriptions that I could not read and did not know how to take. This time, frightened by the prospect of feeling sick for an entire 13 hour flight, I took both before boarding my plane to the U.S. and hoped for the best.

As much as I wished to understand Vietnamese medical beliefs, I am American, and I was relieved to finally arrive in Atlanta and visit the airport clinic. There, I could communicate in English; the doctor acted predictably aloof and technical; and the treatment, an IV, was thoroughly communicated and matter-of-factly administered. The experience lacked the novelty and personal nature of my taxicab massage in Vietnam, but it was effective and, for all its sterile detachment, comforting.

It is strange enough to step inside another culture’s concept of health and medicine, stranger still to do so without any means to communicate about that concept. So I left Vietnam much the way I entered it: reflecting on cultural assumptions and differences, this time made much more immediate and personal as my physical well-being depended on successfully negotiating those differences.

(If you are at all interested in this topic, please read Ann Fadiman’s wonderful book The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, about a family of Lao Hmong refugees seeking medical attention in the U.S.)

Lying in bed all week gave me plenty of time to reflect, and now that I am feeling better (i.e., I can type without feeling nauseated), I have some final thoughts on Vietnam that I hope to type today or tomorrow.


Share Your Travel Experiences With Your Loved Ones

As a young global citizen there is no more exciting way to learn about the world we live in and the lives of other citizens, like traveling. People travel for many different reasons, with many different interests, in many different ways. When you go out, you get the opportunity to increase your knowledge, to learn about language, culture, traditions, dresses, and lifestyle of different areas.

Nowadays, video is one of the most powerful tools to preserve all cherished memories. Most people enjoy traveling and they want to preserve all those cherished memories.

Agriya Infoway, a Chennai based software company has developed an excellent product called Rayzz- a video sharing script which is dedicated to travelers.

Using Rayzz, webmasters can form a site for people who are really interested in traveling and allow them to share their travel experience with others. Members can capture videos of admirable moments and the good times they’ve shared with family and friends in the various places they visited and share them with other members � no matter where they are in the world.

Members can participate in discussions on any subject through forums and blogs. They can share any valuable information about traveling; for instance, if they are going to travel abroad, information like how to arrange for tickets, where to exchange their money to the local currency of the country, visa requirements and so on. They can also share the photos they love with other members and make new friends with other travelers on site. Members can post articles about any subject like popular holiday tourist spots, things to remember while traveling, women health issues while traveling etc.

Travel agencies can provide a lot of information about their services through video presentations like transportation, accommodation, tour packages, etc. it is sure to make a lasting impressions among travelers and increase the likelihood of booking.�